Finish Mommy’s Sentence

This classic baby shower game gets mom and the party participating. Try and read Mommy’s mind to guess what word she will use to fill in the blanks. The answer will only be correct if it is the same at mommy’s. Once finished, the person with the most correct answers at your baby shower party will win.

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More Finish Mommy’s Phrase Baby Shower Games

Here are some more fun and free variations on this popular printable baby shower game.

What’s Mommy Thinking?

Whats Mommy Thinking Free Printable Baby Shower Game

Finish Mommy’s Phrase

Fun In The Oven

If you like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love Fun In The Oven Baby Shower Game at your next baby shower. It’s a fun baby shower party game, especially for co-ed baby showers. This card game is fun for the whole family. With 40 questions and 259 possible answers you are sure to have a good time with groups large or small.

“Fun In The Oven” is a new, creative, and interesting card game that will bring something different to your next baby shower. You’re likely to learn a lot you never knew about pregnancy or parenting. This is a great game for co-ed baby showers that will engage guests of all ages and keep you laughing! If you’re not sure what one of the answer cards means, check out the online glossary.


Is this game appropriate to play at a shower that will have kids in attendance?

As the game is about pregnancy (and what leads to it) and parenting, there are some cards that specifically mention sex in a variety of ways. I think one has to use their judgement (and we put an “under 18” warning on the box), but we’ve personally played with families and groups of people with teenagers as young as 14 with everyone having fun and nobody feeling like there was anything too inappropriate.

How is the game played?

It is played like Apples to Apples…the moderator chooses a category card – say best advise for mother. Each player is dealt a certain number of cards and they choose the one that they feel is the best answer, the cards are mixed so it is not obvious who gave in which card. Then the moderator chooses one and that team gets a point. Team with the most points wins.


Think “Cards Against Humanity” but for baby showers. We played this game for at least an hour. Everyone enjoyed it. Would recommend.

This game was loads of fun!! I wanted to get something different than the traditional baby shower games, especially because my friend had already had a few baby showers. This game definitely fit the bill! It was so fun we even played it after the shower was over! Definitely a good buy!

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Top 5 Mocktail Recipes

Mocktails are a great way to add some fun to your next baby shower if you can’t bust out the booze.

Not every baby shower is giving away mommy & baby vodka as a present, even though we all know booze makes those baby shower games much more fun. Here are a few of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks for your next baby shower party.

  1. Sparkling Cucumber Limeade
  2. Cran-Dandy Coolers
  3. Grapefruit Basil Mimosas
  4. Moscow Mule Mocktail
  5. Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Need more mocktail ideas for your next shower?

A round up of 50 non-alcoholic drinks – all perfect for bringing in the new year. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner!! Since we aren’t drinkers, I thought I’d round up 50 great ideas for drinks to ring in the new year with. If you […]

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

Purse Raid Printable Baby Shower Game

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This Purse Raid printable baby shower game will be great for your next shower. You can print as many copies of these as you want on your home printer or take them to the local print shop. They print perfectly on standard 8”x11” printer paper. Once you purchase the item it will be instantly emailed to you and you can start printing.

It’s simple to order and print our baby shower games:

1) Purchase the game for $4.95
2) Check your email within a couple minutes
3) Download the PDF
4) Print as many as you want on standard printer paper at home or at a store

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Baby Shower Gifts – Mom and Baby Vodka

Nothing is cuter or more loved for your baby shower guests than this mama and baby bottle of SKYY Vodka. Your guests are sure to love you when they receive one of these when they leave your house.

You could even throw it in as a prize to incentivize all the gals to play your super fun and well planned baby shower games.

Pin Of The Week

Baby Shower Price Is Right Game

Babies come with a whole lot of stuff. See who’s best at guessing the cost of it all

Enjoy this fun game of Price is right at your next baby shower. Have your guests try to guess the correct prices of a number of popular and common baby items.

Baby Beer Bottles Co-ed Baby Shower Favor

Are you looking for some favors for a co-ed baby shower? Get the guys involved with these cute and funny baby beer bottles. These are very easy to make with any glass baby bottle and a few labels.

It will only cost you a six pack of Budweiser – but don’t worry the guys won’t be bad if you have them drink it so it doesn’t go to waste.

via The Art of Beer-volume 1. | Girl vs. Beer.