Finish Mommy’s Phrase

Finish Mommy’s Phrase is a fun, printable baby shower game where you try to guess what mommy will think! Download and print this cute baby shower game today!

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

This is by far our most popular baby shower game. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s interactive. Print off a sheet for each baby shower guest and have them fill in each box with common baby shower gifts. As the mommy to be opens her baby shower gifts have each guest mark off the item on their bingo card. First one to fill theirs up wins! Or check out out other fun baby shower bingo games.

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Our Baby Shower Word Scramble game is one of our most fun and most challenging printable baby shower games.

The rules are easy – your baby shower guests will each get a sheet and a pencil. You start the timer at 5 minutes and whoeever unscrambles all the words first wins!

Animal Baby Match Printable Baby Shower Game

Baby Animal Matching Game

Match baby animals in this cute and fun printable baby shower game!

Not many things are as cute as a baby but baby animals come close. In this baby shower game your guests each get a copy of the game and 5 minutes. They must match the animal baby with the animal they belong to. For instance you would match up “calf” with “cow”.

Whichever guest guesses the most wins!

Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size

Free Baby Shower GameThis is a very easy¬†free baby shower game – it’s one of the most popular so you have probably played it at a baby shower already.

All you need is a roll of ribbon for each guest or you can just cut a roll of string into to desired lengths for your guests to measure with. Simply have each guest guess what size they think mommy’s tummy is and cut their ribbon (or string) to that length.

Closest one wins!

Finish Mommy's Sentence Printable Baby Shower Game

Finish Mommy’s Sentence

In this fun and easy baby shower game you get to try to finish the mommy to be’s sentence! Hand out one to each person and give mommy the answer key to fill out… It’s that easy!

Comes with printable game sheet and answer key!