Free Printable Baby Shower GamesUnique Free Printable Baby Shower Games

These free printable baby shower games are sure to be a hit at your next party. And they are super easy! Planning a baby shower is a lot of work and these are here to make your life easier.

It’s pretty simple to get started downloading our free printable baby shower games. They print right on your standard 8″x11″ printer paper and will work on any computer.

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Free Printable Baby Shower Games

We have some great options for free printable baby shower games and once you sign up for our emails you will get them instantly delivered to your inbox. Looking for some other baby shower games you can play for free?

Free Baby Shower Game Ideas

  1. Blindfolded Diaper Challenge – a great game that’s cheap and fun. Just time how fast it takes your guests to change a diaper on a doll… with a blindfold on. Fastest one wins a prize!
  2. Don’t Say Baby! – everytime one of your guests says the word ‘Baby’ make them put a quarter in a jar!
  3. My Water Broke! – this fun game is pretty simple. Whoever’s frozen baby thaws first wins (not a real baby, silly!)
  4. Guess The M&Ms – Another free baby shower game that’s fun and easy. Just fill a baby bottle with M&M’s and have your guests guess how many are inside!

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